Police are trying to ascertain the identity of a badly decomposed body which was found in the San Rafael area on Tuesday (19 January 2021).

According to a police report, at about 12:15 pm, a truck driver from Brazil Village reported to the police that he found the skeletal remains of a body at Arena Road, San Rafael, after the bridge in an area Known as “The Ware”.

The truck driver told the police that he was hunting in the area when he discovered the body hidden in a bushy area some 60 feet off the Arena Road.

Acting on the man’s report, police checked the scene and saw the unidentified, human, skeletal remains—the skull, rib cage and leg bone.  In addition, a belt was observed around the body’s pelvic area, and burnt clothing in the area of the head.

Crime scene technicians processed the scene and recovered a soiled jersey, one damaged cell phone, and a bottle with an unknown liquid substance.

The remains were removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James.