Ancil Dennis, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, and Secretary for the Division of Tourism.

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly Ancil Dennis is urging people who are owed outstanding gratuity for an extended period to write to him outlining their issues.

“All those persons with outstanding gratuity issues, they will be dealt with. I will ask them to, however, especially those who have been outstanding for a very long time and you have gone to the division… with no redress, I am asking them to write to me on the specific issues.”

He was responding to a question on outstanding payments to people in the Health Promotion Clinic who worked with the Assembly during the period 2003-2017 and had not yet been paid.

Speaking at this week’s virtual post-Executive Council media briefing, Dennis said the payment of outstanding allowances is now a top priority for his administration.

He said he will investigate the issues surrounding each case. However, he noted that the failure of the Assembly to make the outstanding payments may simply be due to an absence of documents by either party.

He said if public servants cooperate, fast-tracking the payments will be possible.

“I am aware that files may be sitting on a desk or in some draw for a number of months and persons are there waiting on their gratuity payments.

“There is a need for persons to treat gratuity and other payments… as if it were their own biological brother or sister,” Dennis said.

Dennis said he can be emailed at:[email protected]