Passengers go into a PH taxi on the Ste Madeleine taxi stand, High Street, San Fernando, yesterday

Jesse Ramdeo

Taxi drivers are concerned that recent police efforts to clamp down on PH taxi drivers in Port-of-Spain have hit a snag.

According to taxi drivers along with the San Fernando to Port-of-Spain route, as well as Chaguanas to Port of Spain route, PH taxi drivers continue to operate at the expense of the registered drivers’ livelihoods.

Last week, senior police officers promised to implement measures to clamp down on what they described as the “flourishing scourge of PH taxi drivers.”

During an interview with Guardian Media yesterday, however, registered taxi drivers said despite assurances from the police, the illegal action increases when police visibility decreases.

Mervin Peters said he was expecting a heavier police presence to ward off the offenders.

“We haven’t noticed no police today, police don’t have no time with nobody here, so we still have to fight up.”

Another registered taxi driver, who spoke under anonymity, said despite their concerns with the illegal practice, it continues to go unabated.

“We have been lobbying for this for the longest while, it was nice to hear that they were going to do something about it but the problem is still existing.”

Acting Police Commissioner Mcdonald Jacob said yesterday that while efforts may not entirely eradicate the PH operations, efforts will be boosted to reduce their presence.

“One of the things from what I understand from the information, was to concentrate a lot in the morning period and afternoon period when there was a high level of mobility taking place. However, if this is also occurring during the day, you will find that we will ensure we beef up the number of patrols existing.”

Jacob said transit police were also accessing a CCTV camera feed for the operational command centre to closely monitor operations at the taxi hubs.