Nalini Dial

Animal Activist and President of Fireworks Use Sufferers (FUS) Nalini Dial is calling for a ban on all fireworks in Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking on the proposed legislation which is now open for public consultation, Dial told Guardian Media via telephone that she has been fighting against irresponsible firework usage that is affecting animals and citizens.

“I don’t see any new legislation will affect anything. The legislation that is already there is dealing with the permit. It is there in the Summary Offences Act concerning anybody that wants to set off fireworks…needs a permit. In our yearly protest when we have communicated this to the police and even the Commissioner of Police, that the law states that a permit is needed for anyone using fireworks,” Dial stated.

She continued, saying that she is now confused about this new proposed legislation that will include permits for fireworks usage.

The law offers permits that can be obtained by the Office of the Commissioner of Police for use of fireworks in any town or city centre and it is there in the Summary Offences Act.

“Whatever legislation they bring, people are not going to obey the law. We have a lawless society and the Police Service does not have the manpower to enforce the law as well and once you cannot enforce the law then you have ‘unlaw it’. Right now and we have reached the point where fireworks should be banned totally”, she said.

“FUS will hold its own meeting virtually to come together with ideas that can be presented at the public consultation and we are now sending out invites via social media and also to the general public to give their views also because we don’t want it to only be out views and then we will surely present something to the Attorney General by the 26th of January”.

Fireworks Use Sufferers are among many activists groups part taking in the public consultation and will be sharing their overall views.

So far one fireworks importer, Fireone Fireworks has shown support for the legislation and has welcomed the conversation on fireworks.

The company last month called on the government to put in place legislation to remove the negative impacts of fireworks by errant users.