Tabitha Crichlow describes to GML how a tree fell on her Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin home at last September.

Carisa Lee

After ten months of trying to repair her house on her own, Tabitha Crichlow is now admitting it’s a task she cannot complete alone.

“I need help,” she said yesterday.

Crichlow, 28, of Upper Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin, has been attempting to fix damage to her house caused by a fallen tree since September last year.

“I heard a big ‘crack’… a big tree was in the middle of the roof,” she said.

But her attempts to repair the damage were halted after she became jobless.

“I have tried to at least keep maintaining it to a point,” she said.

Now, she’s confined to one room and the house she grew up in is falling apart, with no running water or electricity.

“I feel hurt seeing it this way, saddened that this house came to this state,” she said.

It’s for these reasons Crichlow decided to share her story and ask T&T for assistance.

But that’s not all, when firefighters and the workers of the regional corporation went to rescue Crichlow after the fallen tree blocked her exit, they instructed her to find another place to stay. However, she said at the moment, that was not possible.

“I have nowhere else to go, “she said.

The young woman said she notices that her house is further deteriorating but is out of options.

“I’m worried every time it rains, every time it rains. I’m worried because the land is slipping,” she said.

She told Guardian Media that after the incident, she stayed by a friend and her colleagues where she worked were very kind, but eventually, she had to return home.

“To come back here to this, I was very devastated, there was no way out for me, no positive direction,” Crichlow explained.

Unemployed, her neighbours provide meals for her daily and access to basic amenities. However, she said she cannot lean on them forever and needs help.

She had a meeting with the Diego Martin Regional Corporation yesterday and Guardian Media understands she received a letter to go to the National Self Help Commission.

In the meantime, Crichlow is asking for assistance to live comfortably, whether there or at another location. She’s also searching for a job.

“Any little help will do, nothing too much, I will greatly appreciate it, she said.

Anyone willing to assist can call her at 305-6878.