Caregivers share daily banter with some of the residents at the Memisa Centre.

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the way billions of people live, work, buy, and relate to one another. In the midst of fear, confusion and anxiety, the Digicel Foundation continues to engage with and deliver meaningful assistance to those most vulnerable in our population especially those that live in residential institutions like The Memisa Centre in Arima.

The centre is no stranger to the Digicel Foundation’s support and guidance in navigating though challenging times. With the most recent restrictions presented with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the Digicel Foundation provided donations of pantry items and hygiene products to the home. The relief support will assist with the daily operations at the home and efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Two months ago, the Memisa Centre participated in emergency preparedness through the Digicel Foundation’s Preparing You! programme. The Preparing You! programme fosters capacity building in disaster preparedness for persons with disabilities.

Although the programme focuses on risk reduction for natural disasters, the residents and caretakers are equipped with knowledge and strategies to effectively respond to disasters and disruptions like COVID-19.

The Memisa Centre, located at Height of Gunapo Road, Arima, was established in 1973 under the umbrella of the Lady Hochoy Foundation. The centre is one of the few facilities located in East Trinidad which caters primarily for adult males with intellectual or other cognitive disabilities. The centre also acts as a vocational school for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Digicel Foundation continues to find ways to support vulnerable populations as part of their global mandate to ensure that no one gets left behind.