An overview of Macaulay, Claxton Bay after heavy rain on Monday.

Personnel from the Disaster Management Units (DMU) in the 14 municipal corporations have been on high alert since Sunday. Following reports of severe flooding across the central and southern areas yesterday, the DMUs are on the ground, conducting Damage Assessments and Needs Analysis (DANA) across the affected municipalities.

This was confirmed by Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein who said: “Whenever there are reports of flooding, fallen trees, blown-off roofs, the ooordinators, field officers and team at the respective DMUs always respond quickly and I want to thank them for their continued service to all citizens.”

He further advised: “Citizens who have been impacted by yesterday’s torrential rains, feel free to contact your respective DMUs so that assessments can be performed. After these assessments are completed, it will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services for relief support. So be sure to contact your DMUs.”

The following areas were affected by yesterday’s inclement weather:


° Navet Village, Poole

° Poole Valley, Poole

° Central Branch Road, Poole


° Cham Road, Radix Village

° Hing Wang Drive

° St Ann’s Road

° Eccles Road East

° Kernahan Village

° Grand Lagoon

° Church Road

° Ocean Haven Road

° Edgehill Road, Mayaro

° Bristol Village

° Chrysostom Trace, Mafeking

° Plum Mitan


° Jankie Trace

° Ablack Trace, Cushe

° Lassalle Trace, Biche


° In the vicinity of Mosquito Creek

° Union Park East, Marabella

° Gasparillo off Charles Street


° Kent Street, Williamsville

° Scale Road, Williamsville

° Eccles Road, Williamsville

° Garth Road, Williamsville

° Sisters Road, Hardbargain

° L’anse Mitan Road, Moruga

° Bois Jean Jean, Moruga

° LOa Ruffin Road, Moruga

° Malgretoute Road, Princes Town

° Hillside Gardens, Princes Town

° Cedar Hill, Princes Town

° Gobin Village, Princes Town

° Kanhai Road, Barrackpore

° Fifth Company, Indian Walk


° Sumaria Trace West

° Eric Street, Montrose

° Tahadille Drive, Pierre Road (road collapsed)


° Macaulay, Claxton Bay

° Crescent Drive, Claxton Bay

° Baccus Street, Claxton Bay

° Cedar Hill, Claxton Bay

° Diamond Village, Claxton Bay

° Hermitage Village, Claxton Bay

° Bedeau Street, Gasparillo

° Maharaj Trace, Gasparillo

° Fourth Street, Gasparillo

° Fifth Street, Gasparillo

° Ryce Avenue, Gasparillo

° Lightbourne Road, Gasparillo

° Bhagwansingh Trace, Gasparillo

° Charles Street North, Gasparillo

° Gopaul Avenue, Gasparillo

° Bonne Aventure Road, Gasparillo

° Hunger March Road, Gasparillo

° Nandlal Avenue, Gasparillo

° Esmeralda Village

Fallen Trees

° Dindial Settlement, Piparo

° Windsor Park

Citizens who were affected by yesterday’s event can contact their respective DMUs via their hotline numbers:

Arima Borough Corporation 800-2ABC (2222)

Chaguanas Borough Corporation 800- DCBC (3222)

Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation 800 – CTTC (2882)

Diego Martin Regional Corporation 800 – DMRC (3672)

Penal/Debe Regional Corporation 800 – PDRC (7372)

Point Fortin Regional Corporation 800 – PFBC (7322)

Princes Town Regional Corporation 800 – PTRC (7872)

Port of Spain City Corporation 800- PSCC (7722)

San Fernando City Corporation 800 – SCDU (7238)

Sangre Grande Regional Corporation 800 – SGRC (7472)

San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation 800 – SLRC (7572)

Siparia Regional Corporation 800 – 4SRC (4772)

Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation 800 – 4MRC (4672)

Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation 800 – TPRC (8772)

Tobago Emergency Management Agency – 211