PNM party supporter Keigon Denoon outside the PNM Tobago headquarters on Monday evening.

Camille McEachnie

The few party supporters, who were at the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) camp in Scarborough, Tobago seemed stunned as the Tobago House of Assembly’s (THA) election results were revealed Monday night.

Some wept openly and others sat with flags tucked under their arms.

The stage that was set up for official speeches was never used.

Instead, the party’s Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine addressed the media on the ground, in front of the stage.

She conceded six seats.

The party’s research officer Keigon Denoon and his father Cuthbert Denoon, who were at the venue, spoke from their hearts.

“I feel depressed to know what PNM did years now and what is happening now. This is unbelievable! This can’t be real,” he said.

He added:” For example, in Buccoo/Mt Pleasant, we used to win by the thousands, and right now, we just won by over 100. I am not saying the area representative is not good, but something is wrong. The winning margin is small.”

His son, who is the PNM Tobago Council’s research officer, said he too was disappointed.

“I am grateful to see we did who not lose the election, but there was a tie. That may mean we could go back to the polls soon, so I hope the members of the party would come out and support the party seeing that we almost lost the elections.”

He continued: “This is a sign that the electorate is sending, and the party has to listen. We will ensure that we put the necessary things in place to remain the winning party on the island.”