Police Officers salute medical and clerical staff at the san Fernando General, Hospital, during the National Applause Initiative, yesterday.


Although the city is not as populated as in normal times, those tasked with keeping the country safe took time off to salute and encourage those fighting to save our lives.Outside the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH), police officers, municipal police, firefighters and a few people seeking services at the nearby teaching hospital applauded and saluted the medical staff who were busy at work. Administrative staff from the hospitals joined at the entrance, cheering on their colleagues.

SFGH has been one of the battlegrounds in the fight against COVID-19. Medical staff screen patients frequently and care for them as they await results to confirm whether they contracted the virus. As the sirens sounded and the applause echoed, even those vehicles blocked off for the occasion chipped in with their horns.The salutes and applause lasted for about seven minutes, then servicemen and women returned to manning the streets. The banks, supermarkets and fish markets continued to be populated. Head of Southern Division police Snr Supt Wanye Mohammed said it felt dutiful to honour those who were risking their lives to save others. “We are showing our appreciation to them because they are the front liners, who are giving their all to ensure the country becomes safe from this coronavirus. This is our country and the people of South Trinidad are not followers. I am imploring all persons from South Trinidad to ensure that we follow all the guidelines given by our Prime Minister, National Security Minister, Health Minister and all healthcare experts so we can flatten the curve,” Mohammed said.San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello said it was about showing their warmth and love for the frontline workers who are sacrificing for the good of the country. Regrello said that as they carry out their duties, some families are being left undone. He congratulated the organisers of the event for its success.