Authorities confirm that one of the kidnapping suspects had died; the other may never walk again; the third is in police custody

One of the suspects in the kidnapping of Dr Rudradeva Sharma and Dr Prem Naidoo has died, while another may be crippled for life.

Police said the dead suspect, 19-year-old Akeem Marine, of Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando, was a known firearm offender.

Marine, who was one of three men pulled from Sharma’s wrecked Honda CRV SUV on Wednesday morning, died around 7 am at the San Fernando General Hospital. He was one of three suspects in the kidnapping of Sharma and Naidoo on Tuesday night.

As the kidnappers sped along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, the driver lost control of the SUV causing it to flip several times. Sharma suffered severe head trauma and died shortly after. All occupants of the car were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Dr Prem Naidoo was discharged yesterday evening.

A 19-year-old suspect was discharged into the custody of the San Fernando CID. He suffered leg injuries.

Investigators said the third suspect suffered internal and spinal injuries and doctors are not sure whether he would be able to walk again.

Reports indicated that 38-year-old Dr Rudradeva Sharma, of La Romaine, and 37-year-old Dr Prem Naidoo, of Palmiste, had finished their shift at the hospital around 10 pm on Tuesday and were seated in the SUV along Rushworth Street Extension, San Fernando.

Around 11:58 pm, the armed suspects approached the SUV and robbed the men of their mobile phones before tying their hands and bundling them into the trunk.

The suspects then drove the SUV to the highway. Around 1:50 am on Wednesday, as they neared Macaulay, Claxton Bay, the SUV flipped more than 16 times before stopping in the grass.

Highway Patrol units and ambulances responded and took the men to the hospital.

Story by KEVON FELMINE ([email protected])