The silhouettes of a vendor other persons on Independence Square, Port-of-Spain as the sun set last evening with only the lights from vehicles creating light in the city.

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association has expressed its appreciation to the Police Service for the protection afforded to Port-of-Spain on Wednesday night, during the nationwide power outage.

DOMA says they were in constant contact with the police during the blackout.

“Our calls were received with interest and assurances which, we can report, were fulfilled,” DOMA says in a release, noting there were only two incidents directly related to the blackout.

“At approximately 8:15 pm, one man forced open the gates and smashed doors at Spiffy Athletics Retail Shop at #25 Henry Street, but within minutes a City Police patrol arrived and apprehended the individual,” the DOMA release says about the first incident.

DOMA says in the second incident:

“At approximately 12:30 am, three men removed the burglar proofing and smashed the front door at the American Stores furniture outlet at #55 Prince Street.  While they were still inside, officers of the City Police Department on patrol responded and when they arrived on the scene found three men leaving with standing fans.  All three suspects were arrested.”

All four suspects are scheduled to be charged today.

“Port-of-Spain has returned to normalcy today [Thursday] without any additional event and we wish to place on record our appreciation to Assistant Commissioner of Police Daniel Moore of the Northern Division and his officers, and also Supt. Glen Charles and his officers from the City Police Department whose vigilant action protected the city while it was most vulnerable,” DOMA said.

“We wish to add that at this time, the city of Port-of-Spain is receiving improved surveillance and protection from the Municipal officers of the City Police and from the Central Police Division (CPS) at St. Vincent Street,” it added.