DOMA President Gregory Aboud.

The Downtown Owners and Merchant Association (DOMA) says they support the government’s latest measures to slow the impact of Covid.
In a press release issued this afternoon, DOMA says saving lives must be our top priority. The following is a press release from DOMA:

We write regarding the Prime Minister’s announcement today of increased restrictions regarding the raging Covid-19 infections in our Country.

Even without the information from the medical health professionals that there is a risk of the hospital system being over run by the number of serious cases which are presenting, it was already obvious that we were facing a crisis.

Saving lives must be our priority and in that regard we wish to express our support to the Prime Minister and Government in these latest measures. Taking unpopular decisions has never been easy and we wish to say that we recognize the difficult choices that have had to be made.

It must be obvious that when an aircraft is experiencing severe turbulence that it is not the right time to be “banging” on the cockpit door. We therefore wish to urge that we, as a people cease to engage in any finger-pointing or recriminations but instead support constructively these new measures and pledge our cooperation in all aspects .

We hasten to express, again, our gratitude to our medical health care professionals, nurses and support staff who are protecting and saving the lives of those who need their care.

We wish to encourage the business community, wherever possible, to renew their commitment to assisting those in their employ in whatever can be done to support them during this new period of restriction.

We want to propose again a concerted national effort to accelerate, exponentially, the vaccination drive and inoculation of the population of Trinidad & Tobago.

Those societies which are experiencing a rapid return to normalcy have pointed to the importance of their Covid vaccination program in facilitating their ability to reopen and we wish to encourage a constructive, urgent, multi-sectoral approach to increased vaccinations.