The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) is urging its membership to ensure that they adhere to the COVID-19 Regulations, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in their operations.

In a news release, DOMA stresses that all aspects of the regulations must be adhered to, given that “Trinidad and Tobago is among many countries internationally experiencing a rapid second wave of Viral Infections”.

“We wish to ask Downtown Business operators to protect our Nation’s capital from risk by making no exception to the rules of Masks, Distancing, Sanitizing and Limited Congregating. We also wish to suggest the use of infra-red thermometers as an additional valuable screen,” the release states.

It adds: “Directives from The Chief Medical Officer and The Ministry of Health are the instructions and rules that we are obligated to observe… and we have to take  responsibility of the need for prudence and sacrifice lest we expose the lives of the population and ourselves to greater peril and the danger of death.”

DOMA says the health and safety protocols outlined by the authorities are “intended to protect our Nation from the seriousness of the COVID threat facing us”.