FLASHBACK: Blaxx performs at the launch of Downtown Carnival 2020.

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A donation drive has been launched to help with the recovery of Soca star Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart who has been receiving kidney treatment at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex for the past three weeks.

Although he had been discharged, it took the urging of a fellow artiste for a public appeal to be made to aid his recovery.

“I was in Mount Hope for three weeks, nobody didn’t know nothing beside my team and my sons. We try to keep it very low. My sons were dealing with the whole issue and they can’t deal with the Instagram and Facebook, the Guardian Media, you know. So well I get up this morning and Dawg E Slaughter (real name Derek Pereira) just decided that you can’t get a new Blaxx in Massy Stores. And he ask my permission to do the drive. I appreciate that because you know it real hard,” said a still recovering Stewart in a short phone interview yesterday.

“God gave me a second chance bro,” he added.

The ‘D All Stars’ lead vocalist, whose hits include ‘Leh Go’, ‘Hulk’ and ‘Breathless’, in a career that has spanned over two decades, was grateful for the approach by Slaughter, who pushed for the drive due to the singer’s cultural significance.

“Slaughter just get up this morning (Sunday), ask for consent to do a drive because in his words we might sit down here and Blaxx might leave we and after Blaxx gone we realize we could have done something to help the situation,” Stewart said.

The social media posts were shared by various members of the music fraternity including Destra Garcia.

The donations will be put towards his medical expense as the artiste recovers.

“This wasn’t an easy, this really wasn’t an easy road. God gave me a second chance and I really hope you know. This wasn’t easy bro. It wasn’t easy for my family, my kids, most of all that’s why we try to keep it low you know because but thank God. I think we cross the hurdle but the recovery is a little problem too,” he said.

Anyone wishing to assist the soca star can donate to Republic Bank San Juan branch Account #: 320-801-024-001 or call 1 868 762 3740/753 1221.