“A bad workman always blames his tools” is a very instructive idiom regarding the Commissioner of Police (CoP).

He has got or has budgeted for some of the things, such as police stations improvements and legislative changes that he has requested. Of what value are these if they are not being utilised effectively? The answer, it seems, lies in blaming everyone and every entity that does not see things his way!

Who has placed the Police Service in a negative light? Rather than actively listening to different views with the intent of ensuring good sense prevails and that effective decision-making can be had, as best as the circumstances permit, the CoP seems impervious to any view, which is not his own! Is it any wonder then that crime, despite unwelcome statistics because these do not matter to the injured or afflicted, seems to remain unchanged over the many years?

The population proffered many views on why non-police officers should be identified, whether by uniform, a number or a special insignia but these were all pooh-poohed by the CoP. How then, can a non-police officer be identified when the “uniform” seems identical and made worse by masks? Can a bandit be differentiated from a member of any of the protective services?

However, it seems that the best way to be identified as the man in charge, is to “throw mud” on all others by blaming the judiciary, the legal association, the media, the criminologists, members of his own police service and even key members of the government who do not agree with his utterances and modus operandi.

How much use is really being made of the National Operations Centre (NOC)? His information seemingly identifies criminal elements that were being monitored regarding the Drugs Sou-Sou fiasco but what resulted? Ascribing blame to all while the entire situation has become a messy affair. Having identified these elements why weren’t the relevant legal advice sought to ensure that the necessary paperwork was in order, if a raid, as ultimately occurred, were to occur? After all, for someone who chastises the legal fraternity for their injudiciousness, the CoP would clearly know the value of doing things the legal way.

Crime is an industry. Talking about what is being done in addressing crime and blaming others is simply pie in the sky without tangible results. The CoP has his heart in the right place regarding fighting crime but his seemingly arrogant manner in dealing with it does not “win friends” nor “influence people”,

What has happened with the psychometric evaluation of members of the police service? Has any attempt been made to introduce or utilise polygraph testing, commonly-called lie-detector tests? Whilst polygraph testing cannot irrefutably determine whether or not someone is not telling the truth or deceiving the interviewer, valuable insights can be determined and utilised in conjunction with the psychometric evaluation and other known things about the person. Have these been considered?

Blaming the media, judiciary and frightened citizens for not appreciating or understanding the police service’s crime management skills, is tantamount to a bad workman blaming his tools rather than admitting his own lack of skills. How much more legislation needs to be passed and how many more tools are required before true leadership becomes visible and confidence can be reposed in the police service?

The CoP may be a good soldier but his management and leadership skills are not producing the requisite results that the population expects of him, so he needs to reassess his modus operandi to be more effective and gain buy-in from all stakeholders. Whilst the buck stops with the CoP regarding the Police Service, dealing with crime in the country stops with the Prime Minister (PM), as Chairman of the National Security Council.

Less talk, more action, tangible results and effective leadership are mandatory! Use the available tools! So far, additional tools and legislation have made no difference in tackling crime! The populace is totally fed-up with all the excuses and blame being uttered by the CoP, the PM and the Minister of National Security when it comes to crime. Waiting for reports is definitely not the way! Become more intimately involved!

Carapichaima, via email