Coronavirus in droplets. Image courtesy SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association, Dr Keegan Baggan, says there’s no need to panic over the possibility that the coronavirus may be transmitted through exhaled air.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently acknowledged emerging evidence which suggests the virus can be spread via aerosol transmission, that is, by tiny particles suspended in the air.

However, Dr Baggan says Trinidad and Tobago’s ‘new normal’ measures already reduce the chances of spread.

“It does not significantly change the overall management because the same procedures we are talking about—in terms of the sanitization and social distancing, regularly washing hands and wearing of masks—will significantly limit that spread,” he explains.

Dr Keegan Baggan, Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association, speaking on THE MORNING BREW on CNC3, this morning.

The Medical Association secretary says like the ministry of health, they too are expecting an increase in the number of babies being born towards 2021, because of the pandemic lock down.

And he predicts that could mean a slight strain on the health sector.

“When we look at health centres, from the very beginning we were very well aware that would be a potential issue,” he points out, “and that’s why we ensured that Family Planning services were not negatively affected, no matter how much we had to cut back on.”

Dr Baggan notes that more births in the country will translate into additional work for the health sector.