Janet Rajdaye Lalchan washes her dishes at her home at St John’s Trace, Avocat, yesterday.


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Janet Lalchan has had her share of pain. Within a week of losing her 15-year-old son to a sudden stroke, Lalchan also lost her 55-year-old husband.

A month after the double deaths, Lalchan is now begging for psychological help and a proper place to rest her head.

The 42-year-old woman lives in a plyboard house at St John’s Trace, Avocat. She has lived there for 27 years but now that her son Rishi and husband Deodath are gone, Lalchan said she had no peace.

The house leaks and is devoid of proper furniture. Her kitchen sink is perched outside of her window upstairs and a single sheet of galvanize hung precariously from under the sink to the ground below.

As she washed the dishes, Lalchan’s eyes were empty and her face had a harrowed look.

“I don’t know how I will be able to go on. I cannot fix this house for myself. I want a little job so I can work and fix things bit by bit. I will be grateful too if I could get a little material to fix up the roof which leaks badly,” Lalchan added. The Guardian Media crew went up the rickety steps but it was not possible to walk properly on the floor which was rotted in some area.

There was no proper place to put clothes so Lalchan had everything piled in a corner in several boxes.

Recalling the tragedy, Lalchan said her son was a helpful and kind person.

“He attended the Siparia East Secondary school. He wanted to become a police officer,” she said. She said when he fell ill on 14th March it was unexpected.

“I remember him going to bathe and he asked for a towel. Then he changed and a few minutes later he called out and we saw him lying on the bed. His left side of his body was uncontrollably and he could not move his right side,” she said.

A CT scan was done and when he was taken to the San Fernando Teaching Hospital his condition worsened.

Lalchan said she was later told he suffered a massive head stroke.

She explained that her husband passed away, two weeks after her son died.

Councillor for Avocat/ San Francique Doodnath Mayrhoo said the family were desperately in need of assistance.

“If we can get some hardware owners to assist with materials we can rebuild her house. We have been able to provide hampers for her but she also needs some psychological help,” she added.

Anyone wanting to assist the family can contact Lalchan at 314-8639 or 319-7487.