A fire officer has been ordered to perform community service after pleading guilty to drunk driving.

Darren Deokiesingh was allowed to clear the charge from his criminal record when he pleaded guilty to the offence during a virtual hearing before Chaguanas Magistrate Sherene Murray-Bailey yesterday.

According to the evidence in the case Deokiesingh, who has been a fire officer for two years, was arrested after he was stopped and breathalysed by police during a roadblock.

Deokiesingh produced a reading of 65 microgrammes of alcohol per every 100 millilitres of breath-almost twice the legal limit.

In his mitigation plea, Deokiesingh’s lawyer Bhimal Maharajh claimed that his client does not consume alcohol regularly but chose to do so to celebrate the birth of his niece with relatives. He claimed he drank seven shots of rum and water before leaving his relatives home.

Maharajh pleaded for leniency for his client as he noted that if he (Deokiesingh) was to be fined and a criminal offence recorded against him, it would be detrimental to his job.

Murray-Bailey agreed and granted the community service.

She did not set the length, which would be done by a probation officer, who would also determine the location and report back to the court when it is completed or if it is not.

Deokiesingh will reappear before Murray-Bailey in early December to determine if he had fulfilled the requirements.