Family and friends of the Marcano family light candles and deyas in remembrance of 19-year-old Miya Marcano who was murdered in Florida. The vigil was outside Atherly’s restaurant and bar at Cipero Street, San Fernando on Wednesday night.

Sascha Wilson

Beautiful, jolly, fun, intelligent and the list goes on.

Nineteen-year-old university student Miya Marcano left an indelible mark in the hearts of many with her kindness and infectious personality.

As a show of love and support for Marcano’s family, as well as in honour of her life, a drive-by candlelight vigil was held at Atherly Restaurant and Lounge at Cipero Street, San Fernando, on Wednesday.

Marcano was murdered in Florida.

She was last seen at her Orlando Apartment Complex on September 24. Following several searches, the teenager’s body was discovered by Orange County officers in a wooded area near an apartment complex on October 2.

The main suspect, Armando Manuel Caballero, 27, a maintenance worker at the same apartment complex where she lived, was found dead in an apparent suicide three days after she went missing.

Describing her as a wonderful person, Atherly said Marcano had just started university.

She added, “She was here just before COVID celebrating her vacation here with us, A wonderful young, woman just a wonderful person, very bubbly, very fun, very outgoing, and to know this is her end it’s tragic.”

Another family friend Ann Lezama says her death has been traumatic for everyone. “When it happened it was very heartbreaking to know that a 19-year-old has lost her life by someone who she rejected,” lamented Lezama.

Another family friend Carol Carvallo recalled, “Miya was a very obedient, intelligent, bright child, short-lived, but she will live on.

Advising women not to ignore their feeling of danger or uneasiness, Francis Guide-Atherly, who knew Marcano since she was a baby, said, “Tell somebody if you are in any kind of danger. Sometimes your gut tells you you are uncomfortable around someone, trust your gut. Don’t ignore the feeling that you feel. If you are unsafe. If you feel any kind of negative emotions, move away, tell somebody, something so that if there is any change that you can be saved or you can be helped it can be done before it ends like Miya’s because she had no one to help her at the time because she was boxed into a room.”

Urging young men and women to respect each other, Lezama had this message for young men:“And, if a girl should reject you, you don’t have to be violent.”

Marcano was the daughter of Trinidadian DJ Marlon ‘DJ Eternal Vibes’, US resident, and the stepdaughter of Carnival Mas band leader Giselle “The Wassi One” Blanche.