Barricades at the entrance of the NIB compound.

Infrastructural changes in the lower Scarborough area are creating unease among Tobagonians. One such change is the blocking of the entrance of the NIB mall compound with concrete barricades.

Persons are accusing the police of being insensitive to the economic hardships brought on by the pandemic and are asking the authorities to show compassion.

PH taxi drivers, plying the Scarborough to Crown Point route, are pleading for the barricades to be removed as they block the space which has been used as an unofficial car park, for years.

One taxi driver, who gave his name as Wellington, openly expressed outrage.

“A lot of persons are not working now, especially from the Crown Point end because all the hotels are closed. We are just trying to make ends meet. I am not a full-time taxi driver, but I don’t have full-time employment anymore. The little I make from the road helps out.”

The kitchen assistant said after being laid off, he has had to “pull bull” to make ends meet.

He accused the police of trying to “force people to turn to a life of crime.”

Just a few metres away on a strip of state land directly opposite the Scarborough Port, a vegetable vendor lamented that his structure was demolished last week.

Guardian Media contacted the head of Tobago Police division ACP Vernon Roberts for a response on the matter.

“While I did observe the barricades at the entrance of the car park, I do not know who placed them there because that is private property. As it relates to vending and other activities of the sort, there is a sign placed at the same entrance that clearly states no vending.”