Watson Duke

PSA President Watson Duke is demanding that WASA’s new chairman Ravindra Nanga dismiss his Head of Labour and Employee Relations as well as a Senior Manager of industrial relations for what Duke is calling, corruption in public office.
Speaking at a media conference this morning, Duke said both Marielle Hillaire and Kawal Chun interfered in an internal investigation to force the suspension of employee, Cecil Matthews.

Duke said until they are removed, no member of the PSA will be allowed to go before them for any disciplinary matters. Duke said Matthews was accused of allowing a friend to ‘take a tush’ or drive a WASA vehicle in February of this year. The accusation he said came from Public Utilities, Marvin Gonzales who allegedly saw the act. Minister Gonzales would later deny this, telling Guardian Media, “I never made a report to WASA that I saw a worker behaving inappropriately in Macqueripe.

Duke however went on to say that an internal investigation revealed that there was no wrongdoing on the part of the worker. However, both Hillaire and Chun sought to strongarm the worker into ‘telling the truth.’ Duke said Matthews was even visited by former CEO Dr Lennox Sealy who also allegedly told him to confess. Duke said Matthews was then placed on half-pay, but when the PSA got involved in June, Matthews was told the decision was reversed on the condition that he takes the matter no further. Duke claims this is why Dr Sealy resigned from WASA. Duke believes it is now time for both Hillaire and Chun to follow suit.

Contacted for comment, Minister Gonzales dismissed it as nonsense saying not only did he not accuse any worker of the aforementioned but added “it pains me as a citizen that Watson Duke occupies our national attention and his diatribes are dumped into the homes of citizens via traditional media.” Gonzales said he holds his office in high esteem and will not disrespect it by responding to ‘this character.’

Reporter: Akash Samaroo