PSA President Watson Duke.

Progressive Democratic Patriots leader Watson Duke is condemning Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’for cursing the population when he spoke at last Saturday’s press conference where he asked the population to adhere to the newly implemented restriction for COVID-19 – the State of Emergency which includes a curfew from 9 pm to 5 am.

Duke via his social media page yesterday said that, “The phrase ‘don’t jack*** the place’ has no place at all in parliamentary language, it has no place and the Prime Minister must be condemned frontally for that, there is no place for that, the word jack*** come across as a curse language first of all. So when you say ‘don’t jack*** the thing you may hurt those who are sensitive among us, religious or those who may have a particular moral code, you are talking about COVID-19 and want persons to listen and there is no time for such a phrase.”

Duke added, “I cannot listen to it and I know persons are making music out of it and to me it is humiliating to hear our Prime Minister, the man who leads the face of this country speaking to us as if he is on the block. That’s a phrase created by someone and we use it in our local parlance but when we are speaking on a serious issue there is no time for joking, so can we take what the Prime Minister said seriously? “, Duke asked.

The politician said that there must be a clear mandate by the Government as to how the SoE can infringe upon citizens.

He believes he has a workable solution to assist in the wave current COVID-19 pandemic but would say more soon.