Christlyn Moore, political leader of the Tobago Forwards (TF); and Watson Duke, political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

Christlyn Moore, leader of the Tobago Forwards (TF)—now affiliated with One Tobago Voice (OTV)—blames the leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), Watson Duke, for failure to unite the parties.

In response, Duke throws shade at OTV calling them “politically dead”.

Moore joined with Tobago Organization of the People (headed by Ashworth Jack) and the Platform of Truth (headed by Hochoy Charles), to form OTV.

In a July 14th 2020 letter addressed to Duke, and posted on her Facebook page, Moore waded into Duke.

“It has been regrettable that we have not been able to collaborate… this failure rests solely on you,” Moore wrote.

She accuses Duke of “mismanagement of the truth” and noted that during her encounters with him over the past seven years, she “has not been able to trust” him.

She says statements attributed to him in the media about the PDP’s relationship with OTV, are “misleading and completely false”.

Moore says she has had enough with Duke and their relationship is “now at the end”.

She makes a promise:

“I will respond to all attacks that you direct my way. I have held my tongue thus far…”

Duke acknowledged seeing the letter.

He told Guardian Media:

“My mother taught me not to talk to the dead, Christlyn Moore, Hochoy Charles, and Ashworth Jack, are all politically dead.”