PSA President Watson Duke lead union members during a march along Queen Janelle Penny Commissiong Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Public Services Association (PSA) President Watson Duke led members of his union, public officers and the Transportation and Industrial Workers Union in a carnival-like march through the streets of Port-of-Spain yesterday after rejecting the government’s six per cent offer to public officers.

Speaking to the Trinidad Guardian the PSA president told the gathering that this march was a test run and they will return to the streets on March 16.

“Colm Imbert and the CPO are playing tag, Colm Imbert called me and told me last week Monday to send me something, up to now the thing has in reach yet, just like they send an offer and they take it back, you all want to know what they send six per cent for you all”, Duke said,” They took it back they send allowances and they take that back too.”

The march journeyed through Port-of-Spain with a music truck and rhythm section, at times turned into a street party with soca music blaring to the delight of the many protesting workers.

The PSA President said he will be writing for permission to take to the streets on March 16 and will also be inviting other union leaders to join the struggle.

“On the 16th we want to come back with all the other unions and if James Lambert doesn’t come fire burn him if Roget doesn’t come fire burn him Anisette is not here because he is out of the country but if Prentice doesn’t come fire burn him and if Prisons Officers Association Ceron Richards doesn’t come fire will also burn him, Fire will burn all of them”, Duke raged,” and when we are finished with them, we will declare war with the other on that day on we will; Imbert we don’t care about any other trade union but the PSA.”