The red star marks the approximate location of the earthquake which occurred at 3:10 am on Saturday 24 July 2021. (Map courtesy Google Maps)

Persons in the north-western part of Trinidad may have felt a couple tremors just after 3 am today, as an earthquake of 3.9 magnitude occurred off the north-eastern coast of Venezuela.

The UWI Seismic Research Centre notes that the quake was recorded at exactly 3:18 am, and emanated from a depth of 78.35 kilometres. 

Located at Latitude 10.93 degrees North and Longitude 62.26 degrees West, it would have been felt most strongly in Venezuela in the areas of Macuro, and the Parque Nacional Península de Paria.

Residents on the islands of Monos and Chacachacare off the north-western tip of Trinidad also may have experienced tremors.

UWI Seismic is inviting anyone who may have experienced the quake to share their experiences on the Centre’s social media pages.

Image courtesy UWI Seismic Research Centre Facebook.