Members of the UNC contingent that met with the EBC yesterday.

The Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has requested the presence of more police officers than usual for the August 10 general election, to help enforce social distancing guidelines.

This formed part of a discussion between the EBC and the United National Congress (UNC) yesterday, a UNC statement said.

“The intention by the EBC to review all polling stations to ensure the locations are large enough to accommodate voters and election day staff while following the social distancing guidelines was also raised,” the statement said.

The UNC added that its contingent discussed, for the second time, several key election issues with the EBC.

It said among them was the adjusted procedures in light of COVID-19 and the treatment of citizens who are in quarantine to be treated as special voters.

“The team also discussed the new guidelines of wearing a mask and sanitizing before voting although they cannot prevent anyone without a mask from voting. The UNC team believes in adhering to these guidelines to keep everyone safe during this time as we prepare to return good governance to Trinidad and Tobago,” the statement said.

The UNC said that it remains committed to free and fair elections for all and for the elections to reflect the true will of the people.

It said the party will continue to work with the EBC as the country draws closer to the polling day.