Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly visiit the Holy Cross Anglican Primary School in Marabella

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly says she is awaiting the figures regarding today online black out action by teachers. 

She was speaking to members of the media during a tour at the Holy Cross Anglican Primary School in Marabella this morning.

She says the school is 90 percent completed and will be opened as soon as possible.

Asked to respond to The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) black action today, the minister said, “I don’t know I havn’t seen any figures yet. I don’t know exactly what is happening there but I do know that our children, our schools are rostered and I know teachers have been making the effort. I don’t know what the figures are for today.”

Also responding to the budget allocation for her ministry which is less than last year’s allocation, she said, “At this point in time whatever resources are allocated to the Ministry of Education would be put to the best. As you can see we are at a school that has been a beneficiary of allocation of the minister and we will continue to all that we can, what is possible, based on whatever allocation we have.”

Commenting also on parents who are upset that their unvaccinated cannot return to physical school, she said, “What I would say to this is that all provisions are being made to give our children the best chance of success. The best chance of success is for them to be at school physically and at this point in time the safest way for them to do that is to be vaccinated and the vaccines are still available, we are encouraging all parents to take advantage of the opportunity to vaccinate their children”.

She also noted that there were a few absent teachers at yesterdays physical reopening of school for students in Forms 4 to 6.

“I want to thank the teachers for making the effort we visited two schools yesterday and the teachers were out prepared to acclimatise the children back to the classroom again, so we thankful of the efforts of the teachers and principals for pulling it together and making happen.”

With regards to incident outside the Minister of Education where two people were detained, but later released, after attempting to deliver a letter to the minister, Gadsby-Dolly said she heard a letter was delivered and someone sent her a message on her phone about this.

However, she said yesterday was the Budget and she is out in the field today, so she would be looking at the letter later today.

The minister said who was accompanied by ministry officials, representatives from the Anglican Board and MTS, will also be visiting the Cedros Anglican and Forres Reserve Anglican schools.