Education Ministry continues to make education accessible

Ministry of Education's offices in Port of Spain.

The Ministry of Education says it continues to engage all education stakeholder to ensure that it can continue to deliver a proper education to all students in the education system.

In a news release, the ministry says its School Learning Management System (SLMS) has ensured that students continue to receive an education, with teachers facilitating the virtual classroom sessions.

And the ministry is encouraging students, teachers and parents to continue using the resources at the SLMS website,

In the release, Education Minister Anthony Garcia commends teachers and parents who have been working to ensure educational continuity for the nation’s children.

The full text of the Education Ministry’s statement, follows…


As stakeholders in education continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic the Ministry of Education takes this opportunity to encourage citizens to continue to access the services and resources made available at this time. The Ministry’s School Learning Management System (SLMS) continues to bring education into the homes of citizens with teachers facilitating classes and the continuity of learning for students who may not belong to their schools or classes. Students, parents and teachers have continued to access and benefit from this resource as the Ministry engages representative organisations to create relevant and necessary policy.

The Ministry is also cognizant of questions currently in the public domain surrounding the reopening of schools, examinations, accessibility and connectivity. At this time the Ministry, through the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago, is preparing a comprehensive position that will bring clarity and answers to all these questions for the citizens of this country.

Minister of Education the Honourable Anthony Garcia continues to express his thanks to teachers and parents who have been supporting educational continuity at this time. The Minister said:

“It has not been easy for any individual or country at this time to keep education effectively running and managed. I must say a special thank you to the parents and teachers who have stepped up during this crisis to ensure that our students are not disadvantaged. The Ministry continues to evaluate, assess and implement as necessary to the benefit of all students across the country.”

Citizens are encouraged to stay up to date with the work of the Ministry and any announcements and resources through our digital media platforms at: (School Learning Management System website) (Ministry’s official virtual meetings website) (Ministry’s official website)  (Ministry’s Facebook page)

The Ministry is focused on engaging stakeholders positively and effectively during this time while adhering to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.