Grace Meena Samuel who was evicted from her home in Sou-Sou Land, Tobago, on Monday night.

An elderly, differently-abled, bedridden couple with diabetes and hypertension, is making an urgent appeal for help after being evicted from their Sou-Sou Lands rental apartment at 11 pm on Monday.

Carl Mitchell, 65, and Meena Samuel, 56 who both suffered strokes, said they spent hours on the streets before a good Samaritan, Lizzy Harry, rescued them.

The couple claimed they received eviction notices because they owed three months’ rent on the $3,000 a month rental property.

Carl Mitchell, 65, and Meena Samuel, 56, are now at Andrew Trace, Darryl Spring, after Harry found a place for them to rent, transported their belongings to the new home, and solicited food and adult diapers.

Samuel, the 56-year-old stroke victim, told Guardian Media, she and her husband began renting the Sou Sou Lands apartment last November. She said they paid for three months before falling on hard times.

She claimed they told the landlord they would pay the outstanding rent, she agreed, but soon after, she reappeared with a bailiff and the police and evicted them

“She (landlady) came in the morning, told us we had to leave by 1 pm, but minutes to four, she came back with the police and put out all of our things on the road,” the lady claimed.

Harry, who lived nearby, saw the items on the road and decided to help the couple after hearing about their plight.

“I decided I am not going to leave these people on the road. I started to make phone calls to homeowners who I work for…I am pleading to social media to come out and assist these people. They need it.”

So far, through Harry and another good Samaritan, Aneiasha Blackburn-Gunness, the couple has been given food, water, and diapers.

They receive a disability grant.

Anyone willing to donate funds can do so at Scotia Bank in account number 110000003851465.

You can also call Lizzy Harry at 781-0495 if you need further information.