An official assigned to the Chaguanas Health Centre speaks with a member of the public waiting to receive the COVID-19 vaccine jab yesterday.

Scores of elderly people over the age of 65 started lining up outside district health facilities in Central Trinidad early yesterday morning. When the rains came after 6 am those in Chaguanas were afforded tents and chairs that were placed in an empty lot opposite the Chaguanas Health Centre.

However, the elderly at Freeport and Couva had to scamper for cover. Those who did not walk with umbrellas had to seek shelter at bus sheds and under the eaves of nearby buildings until they were let inside.

At Freeport, Mohan Ramoutar, 74, a resident of Chase Village said he was not expecting a large crowd.

“I came early hoping it would not have a lot of people. I want to come early and get back.”

Ramoutar said he planned on sheltering from the rain in his vehicle. At Couva, 81-year-old Phyllis Sewdass said she was hesitant to come to get vaccinated yesterday since she had hip replacement surgery and was unable to stand for long.

She complained that better arrangements could have been put in place.

“It was disturbing and disappointing, all night I was looking at the time to see when it would be time to come,” said Sewdass, a resident of Mc Bean, Couva.

She along with her husband were dropped off at the Couva District Hospital by her 60-year-old son.

Sewdass said upon arrival, the elderly had to line up outside the facility even though there was a tent with chairs inside the compound.

Sewdass resorted to sitting in a bus shed opposite the District Hospital to wait to be vaccinated.