The Mount Hope hospital.

The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) said a fire at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex Thursday was due to an electrical issue.

In a statement yesterday, the NCRHA said that approximately 11:30 pm Thursday a fire was reported at a breaker in a low voltage distribution panel at the complex.

The NCRHA’s Incident Response Team (IRT), which comprised managers of critical services departments including ICU, clinical services, engineering, OSH and administration, immediately implemented the response plan developed for power outages.

It said the plan included the mobilisation of ambulances, anaesthetists, hospital managers, engineering, biomedical staff and others who immediately engaged a situational analysis, and subsequently transferred vulnerable patients from affected areas.

It said the IRT was able to restore power approximately 90 minutes after the incident. Additionally, standby generators were been dispatched to provide an additional tier of contingency directly to critical areas. The Authority has already launched an investigation into the incident.

It said that contractors are currently on site assessing the damage and repairs will begin immediately on the affected panel.