Oma Gookool and her husband Chris Ramkissoon stand in the doorway of the family home at Priam Street, Diamond Village, Debe.

The dream of having electricity is coming closer to reality for Oma Gookool and her family.

Her daughter who is in Form Five is so excited by the love and support that she has received from strangers that she is eager to do her best when her exams come around next year.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Gookool, 35, said her daughter will receive a laptop soon from a Good Samaritan. She said a team from the T&TEC had visited and submitted documents so that their home could finally have electricity.

“They are coming tomorrow to mark off the spot where the pole will come. On Saturday they will bring the pole,” she said.

Gookool said she was happier than she had ever been in a long time.

Her only regret was that her mother Sumattie could not be part of their joy.

“My mother is still in the hospital and she is getting worse every day. She is on antibiotics and she could hardly talk,” Gookool said.

She explained that by the weekend, they would be able to start fixing up their plywood house.

Because of where the house is situated, Gookool said it would be impossible to build a concrete structure but she said an official from the ministry had promised to look into the possibility of giving them a piece of land on which they could build.

Gookool said they had been waiting for help for many years but it was only when the story was aired that many people came together to inquire about their needs. She said another person had purchased all the wiring for the house and they were now looking for an electrician who could do the work.

Gookool, her common-law husband Chris Ramkissoon, 36, their teenaged daughter and Sumattie, 54, live in a plyboard house constructed near a gas pipeline off Priam Street, Diamond Village.

They have no road leading to their home.

MP for the area Dr Roodal Moonilal sent a team over the weekend to speak to the family to assess their needs.

Gookool said she was thankful for the outpouring of love and support they received and she was looking forward to the day that their humble home would have lights.