Narnanie Seenathsingh shows the extent of damage to his home from the tornado. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

Residents of R.E. Road, Los Iros, Erin, are still traumatised following yesterday’s tornado that ripped through their community, leaving a trail of devastation.

At least 12 families had their properties damaged, five of which were ripped into pieces.     

Residents told Guardian Media that disaster struck around 3:30 pm yesterday during heavy rainfall. They recalled seeing galvanise, tanks, furniture and other items swirling through the air, with some the items landing far away on land and in the sea.

And as the rain continues to pound the community today, residents said they need urgent help to repair their homes, and in some cases, rebuild.

Soomanan Seenathsingh said she was doing laundry when the strong winds came.

“I did not take it on and when I see my son roof raise up, then that’s what I get panic for, and the whole roof went away. My son was sleeping and the house, the DVD wet, the stereo wet, the bed wet, everything went up, everything destroy in the house,” she recalled.

A team from the National Commission for Self Help Ltd, La Brea MP Steven McClashie and officials from the Disaster Management Unit from the Siparia Regional Corporation visited the residents today.

Self-Help Commission CEO, Elroy Julien, said never before he has seen this level of destruction.

“We are ready to provide the level of assistance this community requires in order to get them back on their feet again,” he said.  “I am assuring that we will give the necessary assistance.”

He said during this week, the Commission will be distributing the $25,000 emergency grant, noting that should more funding be required, the request would be taken to the Board of Directors for approval.

Community activist Victor Roberts expressed disappointment over the response of T&TEC and the police. He told Guardian Media the Disaster Management Unit visited the area last night and provided mattresses, hampers and tarpaulins.

Meanwhile, there are reports of flash flooding in parts of Palo Seco as the Met Office has issued a Yellow Level Adverse Weather Bulletin, particularly for south Trinidad.