The illegal firearm and ammunition seized by police as they foiled the attempted robbery in Barataria, on Sunday 12 July 2020. (Image: TTPS)

Two men were arrested for attempted robbery, possession of firearm and ammunition, and a quantity of cash seized, following quick work by North Eastern Division’s Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) officers in the Barataria district, today.

According to official police reports, around 12:30 am today, Sunday 12th July 2020, the officers were on patrol along the Eastern Main Road, Barataria, in the vicinity of Red Coals Barbeque, when they observed the two suspects manhandling a woman, who was entering her premises.

The officers went to the scene of the altercation and realized that a robbery was taking place.

One of the men reportedly pointed a gun at the police, and the officer—seeing the imminent threat to his life—discharged two rounds from his service pistol.

Reports are that one of the men ran into the victim’s apartment, while the other tried to escape through the apartment of her neighbour. However, neither apartment had a back door and both suspects subsequently surrendered to police.

The officers arrested the two men.

A quantity of cash and one Browning pistol, along with 8 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. were seized.

Investigations are ongoing.