Nigel Mungroo

Escaped prisoner and murder accused, Nigel Mungroo, has been recaptured and currently is in police custody.

Mungroo is now facing an additional charge of “Escaping Legal Custody”.

Commissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan has confirmed that Mungroo was recaptured and is still in police custody but told Guardian Media he is yet to receive full details of the recapture.

Commissioner Pulchan also praised the “tireless efforts of the Joint Services and is thanking the members of the public for their assistance leading to the recapture of the escapee.”

According to a preliminary police report, at about 10:45 pm on Sunday officers of the Northern Division Task Force Area Central received information that the escapee was in the Arouca district.

Reports are the officers went to an address at Trinity Street, Arouca, where after a brief search, Mungroo was recaptured with the assistance of the Arouca CID.

Mungroo escaped from the Golden Grove Remand Yard Prison on Saturday at about 5 pm. He complained of feeling unwell and while being escorted to the Prisons Infirmary, made a dash for the perimeter fence in the vicinity of Waterloo Road, Arouca.

An alarm was immediately raised and officers assigned to the Emergency Response Unit responded. The Arouca Police also were contacted and a search was launched in all the areas surrounding the Prison, as well as in Penal, Mungroo’s last known address.