Before I begin, it’s amazing to know there are people out there who continue to keep track and reason with me on our own journeys of life. That being said, Akiela is a devoted reader of my articles and I want to thank her for her feedback too. I would like to wish her all success on her life’s journey and continue to redefine yourself by making yourself better and finding your true self. Kudos to you, my dear friends and readers.

Now for today’s message about love. Can you tell me honestly who wants to be hated? None of us would disagree because we know that nobody would like to have hate demonstrated to them! All of us want to be loved, that’s the plain and simple truth.

Even the baddest of men who may be involved in all kinds of wrongs, if you demonstrate hatred to them, they will become an extreme nuisance to us and they will also feel anger in their own hearts. So what is this saying? That all of us want love! We all need the motivation of loving ways or we will be unhappy in our lives. So love is what is needed most during our journey on this planet. Now that we can understand the tools of love, do we have love? That is an important question we need to ask ourselves.

But what is true love? Mrs. Patricia, my good friend, has a story of love and time. In the past, she would call me to give advice and speak about her experiences but I was not fond of that.

Mrs Pat continued to call… and you know over time I was able to appreciate her and her kind words. This experience taught me that you can appreciate someone in your life as you get to understand them, so your love and appreciation can grow for them. If Mrs Pat could conquer my heart, then I say to everyone, all we need is time and time is the factor at hand.

You may wonder why am I saying that? Now Mrs Pat and I are very good friends and we have shared many memorable occasions together. I am at a loss for words on how I learned to love her… So again, all of us want true love and attention but time must be the game-changer, which is the de facto statement at hand.

Sis Gail C is also a good friend of mine and I dedicate this article to her. Consider this quote—“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”— Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

Why we should quiet the mind? We must practice this to let our souls speak to us all, by doing the right thing of gratitude with loving ways. We all want to be happier in life. You can’t be happy if your thoughts are all over the place. Can you be free from your thoughts? I say yes, it can be done with a calm spirit in your heart. So please quiet your mind as your thoughts become peaceful inside your soul. For me, this is true happiness and will put on a path to feel the better days shining again. Because the sun will shine again when you become stilled in your mind. And then the love will emerge my friend…

Everybody wants to be loved! The lessons we can learn from this quote is we are in this together and togetherness is what we need with love in view.

I know that I need love like all of us need air and the sunshine of hope in the morning. Let us embrace each other with understanding, knowing that love is the answer for all of us to heal our scars.

Remember misunderstanding is formed by not being understood, so if you don’t know someone, how could you love them without understanding their perspectives fully? True love understands that in all we do, we strive to understand people.

That is what is called for during these times. Let’s get there against the haters and misunderstanding in our country and world in general.

Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me again. True love is to understand each other’s views. Try it and your world will change as mine did.