Nixon Callender shows the receipt he got from the TTPS Fraud Squad yesterday after lodging a new complaint against PSA president Watson Duke.

Otto Carrington

More allegations of fraud against the use of funds have been levelled against president of the Public Services Association (PSA) Watson Duke.

Yesterday, former executive officers and presidential candidates handed over a document to Fraud Squad officers.

Former general secretary and presidential candidate Nixon Callendar told the media that the allegations are glaring as they were placed in the financial documents of the union.

Callendar told Guardian Media that they have filed two matters where the union’s money was used without authorisation. He said they are still going through the documents and they are sure it will be more than two matters.

The former PSA executive said the union’s financials were published when the discovery was made.He claimed the PSA’s funds were used for litigation for personal matters and not union business.

Callendar said the matters were not PSA’s business and the approval of the funds was not done in contravention of the by-laws of the union.

“This is only two matters that we have detected and we are going to make some more trips to the Fraud Squad as we systematically go through these financial documents of the PSA. this is not casting aspersion on any one particular individual because for the money to leave the coffers of the PSA it must involve a certain system”, he said.

He criticised the union’s General Council saying the council should pay particular attention to the finances of the union because they are the financial committee of the union.

He said members of the union must come forward and question the type of financial transactions occurring at the union.

“ The membership of the PSA must be concerned at this time that our organisation is being used to fund personal matters by executive officers and that by itself must be troubling and must be of concern of our membership”, Callendar said.

Responding to the allegations, Duke told Guardian Media that the allegations are baseless.

He is expected to make an official statement today on the matter.