Davlin Thomas

Facebook user Naresh Siewah, who received a pre-action protocol letter from CEO of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Davlin Thomas for tent rental allegations, has personally apologised to the head of the regional authority.

On Tuesday, Thomas instructed his attorneys to take legal action against Siewah who he accused of defaming him.

Thomas said he had read several “defamatory” articles which are “void of any facts or credibility” with the intention of inciting mistrust in his office and against him personally.

The alleged defamatory comments centred on the rental of two tents after a document purporting to be a quotation from Rickel Services asked the NCRHA to pay close to $.5 million for a month’s rent. The NCRHA said the actual cost of the rental was $97,875.

Yesterday, the NCRHA in a press release stated that after receiving the pre action letter “Siewah has personally apologised to Thomas,” for misleading, defamatory and untrue allegations which were posted on social media.

The release stated Siewah regretted “all his mistakes” and promised “it will not happen again,” while he agreed to remove all of the misleading and defamatory allegations and immature rants posted online.

Siewah also asked Thomas to forgive him for his “wrongdoings” and apologised for “any discomfort caused by his immature nature.”

Thomas is not yet satisfied with the restitutions being made by Siewah in an attempt to rectify the damage he has caused.