Fire Services checked to determine what triggered the fire alarm at the Red House, yesterday

There was no fire at the Red House yesterday.

This is according to Colleen Holder, Director of Corporate Communications and Production at the Parliament. Holder said an emergency evacuation procedure was initiated after the fire alarm was triggered by dust caused by ongoing work.

Holder said that the Fire Service was called in as part of the emergency protocol.

“By now some of you may be aware that a fire alarm sounded at the Red House today (Sunday 2 February). The building fire alarm sounded at 2.50 pm. The Parliamentary Police Unit officers responded to the alarm and began evacuating the building,” she explained.

“No other staff were in the building. They investigated the area and were unable to determine the immediate cause. The Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service (TTFS) was called in as per usual protocol. The TTFS responded and determined that the alarm was triggered due to dust from possible ongoing cleaning works,” Holder said.

Colleen Holder confirmed that firefighters checked the area and declared that it was safe for workers to return.

Story by KEVON FELMINE ([email protected])