Liz Williams foundation (Image courtesy bmobile)

bmobile continues its support for communities and people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by collaborating with NGOs and charities committed to easing the burdens of families impacted by job displacements and other hardships during this challenging time.

One recent partner in this effort is the Liz N Williams Foundation. The Foundation’s founder, Elizabeth Williams said she was grateful for the support received, as she expressed her NGO’s appreciation. “We are thankful for the partnership with bmobile, in these tough economic times. bmobile has always been supportive of our ventures and this assistance will go a long way in ensuring these families’ lives are enhanced.”

Gerard Cooper, General Manager Shared Services at TSTT, affirmed the importance of supporting agencies like the Liz Williams Foundation to bmobile. He commented that, “In Trinidad and Tobago and around the world, COVID-19 has disrupted people’s lives and it is critical that we support each other at this time – we are in this together. We recognise that the business community has a role to play in supporting the country through this difficult time. We are pleased to partner with the Liz N Williams Foundation, and we are confident that they have the ability to connect and work with those NGOs and CBOs to reach the most vulnerable in our society.”

Along with fellow directors Hadassah Findley-Davis and Jeffery Williams, the Foundation has been doing charitable work for the past six years but was officially registered in December 2017. According to Ms Williams, “We also have a book bag drive held annually where book bags and school supplies are distributed to those who cannot afford. Names of these students and their parents are received from primary and secondary schools in Tobago East and West. Book bags and school supplies are later distributed.” 

She said the foundation depends on sponsors to assist in food vouchers and hampers and in addition, the directors use their personal funds monthly to assist.

The founder lamented that with the pandemic, there has been a huge demand from those critically affected within the Tobago space. “Every single day we receive new names. We have a copy book with names and numbers of people who need help. Right now, the foundation is on page ten, but we have names up to page 19. Daily the list becomes longer, as the need is indeed great, and it hurts our heart that we can’t do more.”

She added, “Many families have told us they have been without food for days when we called. We as a foundation continue to try but the demand exceeds our supply. To date, over 130 residents in Tobago have been assisted with food vouchers, hampers, utility bills, cash in hand, electronic devices as well as rental assistance.”

But just how were these recipients chosen?

“Persons are selected via calls made to us, they are verified by the various area representatives and at times the social services division of the THA.”

She said due to her social media presence and large following, the charitable efforts of the foundation are posted and through this, a lot of NGOs reach out, ready to assist. “With the names of persons in need listed in a book, some NGOs request the names and contact numbers of these people given to them, so they can reach out directly and aid. Other NGOs provide us with the hampers and vouchers, and we contact persons on the list to assist. Persons are helped in the order they are listed.”   

Those interested in offering support to the Foundation can contact Williams at 1-868-768-0080.