Robbin Singh shows his nephew Darien Singh’s home that is being seriously affected by the landslide in Lengua Road Indian Walk Moruga on Tuesday.

Sascha Wilson

A family has to evacuate their home and six others may suffer a similar fate if the authorities do not move swiftly to repair a major landslip at LP 16 Lengua Road, Indian Walk, Moruga.

Heavy rainfall on the weekend resulted in more destruction to their properties with a porch at the home of Darian Singh splitting in two.

A wall at another property is on the verge of collapsing while large cracks have appeared in the residents’ proprieties due to the continuous land movement.

“On Saturday night we had heavy rainfall and on Sunday morning the place started to slip real bad, the entire wall cave away, the house started to move real bad. The porch it broke into two, real devastation,” said Robin Singh.

They have been appealing to the government to fix the landslip for the past four years. They protested in 2017 and again about three months ago. However, their cries have fallen on deaf ears. He said Finance Minister Colm Imbert and then Member of Parliament for Moruga Dr Lovell Francis visited in January and promised to address the situation, but no help came. Since then, he said the destruction has worsened. The road became impassable to vehicular traffic months ago. Singh said the landslip occurred four years ago due to a leaking WASA line.

“Yesterday the WASA line burst again for the umpteenth time. We had to repair that for ourselves.”

He said in 2017 his neighbour lost his entire house and was not even compensated.

“Watch the devastation here and no one seems to care. The road is impassable,” he lamented. The residents complained that they have to watch helplessly as their homes are destroyed and their pleads for help go unanswered.

“It is heartbreaking to lose your property, to lose your house in this hard times where you getting ah work to get money to build back a house. I don’t know where to go now.”

He said on Monday he contacted the Works and Transport Ministry and was told that they sent an estimation for a retaining wall at a cost of $3 million to the ministry in February. Singh was told that the document was forwarded to PURE and then NIDCO.

Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin visited the residents and also called on the government to initiate urgent work. “This family is on the verge of losing their home. If you look directly opposite from this property a house would have fallen. We don’t want it to be a case where another house is fallen and the people have to go and rent a room. Something has to be done.”

Recalling that in 2017, $178 million was gifted to Moruga/Tableland, she said some of that money should be used to help the residents. During her maiden budget presentation in Parliament, she said she raised this matter, as well as landslips at Loney, Sahadat, and Pooran Road, but she has received no correspondence.

“Everything being said is that they have to prioritise. Yes, we understand that COVID is here and we have to spend with caution but at the same time we have to save people’s lives and property.” She said the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management responded to a video of a situation she posted on social media and assessed the damage yesterday. She said they recommended that one of the families evacuate because their home is not safe. Guardian reached out to Works Minister Rohan Sinanan and WASA for comment but got no response up to press time.