Naresh Ramsoobagh and his wife Narina Ramlal try to catch the family duck which survived a fire that destroyed their home. The duck was given to the couple’s eight-year old son, sitting right, when he was a baby.

Left homeless with just the clothes on their backs after a fire destroyed their home on Wednesday night, a Penal family of four is appealing for assistance to rebuild.

While the cause of the blaze is still unknown, Naresh Ramsoobagh, 33, is puzzled. He said his two-bedroom wooden home at Parsan Trace, Scotts Road, had no electricity and no one was at home.

“It strange but I really don’t know what cause this. We did not leave nothing on, we have two deyas we use and we out that.” Ramsoobagh was by a neighbour with his ten-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son while his wife Narina Ramlal, 29, went by her mother to collect her phone which she left to charge earlier in the day.

He recalled that around 8 pm he heard a loud noise.

“I heard a noise, when I came out the entire back of the house was on fire. By the time me and my neighbours try to out the fire we could not do nothing to out the fire. I could not salvage nothing from the house.” Ramsoobagh said they formed a bucket brigade and attempted to extinguish the fire, but the flames were too intense.

By the time fire officers arrived, the entire house was already engulfed in flames.

Last December Ramsoobagh was attacked and chopped, the injury caused him to lose the use of his left hand. As a result, Ramsoobagh who was self-employed as a welder could no longer work. With no income coming in, Ramsoobagh recently purchased a few ducks and chickens to rear and sell, but about a dozen of the ducks perished. He also lost $900, his tools and equipment, including a welding plant.

He has been living at that address all his life, but the house he grew up in with his parents was old and leaking. Four years ago, church members built a new house for him and his family. He lamented they are now back to square one.

“Everything gone here, if I could get anything to help me out, material to build the house, I could get like my friends to help me put back up something because I don’t have nothing at this point in time.” The children also lost their school books and all of their clothes.

Ramsoobagh said, for now, they would be staying at his mother’s home, but it’s a one-room house so the accommodations are cramped. The family said they called the police but up to Thursday afternoon, they had not visited the scene.

Anyone willing to assist Ramsoobagh and his family can contact them at 380-1105.