Alynthea Mc Queen

With four days before the funeral of Alynthea Mc Queen, relatives are hoping that hospital officials make an exception, given the surrounding circumstances of her death, and conduct an autopsy.

Cherylann Julien told Guardian Media that last week they contacted an official at the Point Fortin Hospital and made an official request for the autopsy to be done.

Aware that autopsies are not being performed on the bodies of people with COVID-19, Julien said they tried to get a private autopsy done but they have been unsuccessful. Mc Queen’s body is at David Guide Funeral Home in Point Fortin where the funeral would be held on Friday at 10 am.

Mc Queen, 39, who had health complications including kidney issues was having difficulty breathing on January 5 and that night her husband Marlon Greene took her to the health facility at the Heritage Administration Building in Point Fortin.

Doctors told her husband that she had fluid in her lungs and she would be transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

The ambulance left sometime after 2.20 am en route to the San Fernando hospital. Her husband got to the hospital around 6 am to see his wife but no one could account for her whereabouts until 3.30 pm when he got a phone call that she died and her body was at the mortuary at the Point Fortin Hospital.

The family was later told that on the way to the San Fernando General Hospital, Mc Queen’s condition worsened and the ambulance returned to the health facility where she died.

Relatives were told by hospital officials that they did not have Greene’s number.

But, Greene indicated that he gave the staff his number at the health facility.

They were also told that a COVID-19 test done on Mc Queen came back positive, therefore no autopsy would be done.

However, Julien said a relative saw Mc Queen’s body and observed blood on her nose, ears and back of her head. She said there were also scratches over her face.

In an interview with Guardian Media yesterday, Julien said when she spoke to the official regarding the autopsy she was told that they would get back to them.

“I told her our main concern is how she got those injuries. We want answers for that. She (official) say she understand. She was pleasant.”

Julien said even though they are in quarantine no one has developed any flu-like symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

Julien said her sister’s husband is not coping well and her two children, ages ten and 11, are missing their mother. She said both of the children are due to sit the SEA exams this year.