Kenneth Mackhan and his wife Lilawatie.

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Relatives of former police officer Kenneth Mackhan says they cannot find a reason why someone would want to murder him and his wife.

Mackhan, 62, and his wife Lilawatie, 65, were found dead at their home after a man was found driving Makhan’s vehicle.

Speaking to Guardian Media outside the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) yesterday after identifying the bodies which were in an advanced stage of decomposition, the nephew of Mackhan’s wife, Roshan Ramdhanie said the family wasn’t dealing well with the news.

“This really was the last people you would expect something to happen to in the village and in the family because they were actually, really, really good people that help out the village and help people out in the village,” he said.

Relatives who wished to remain unnamed told Guardian Media on Monday the couple was last seen alive last Wednesday and had no children.

According to police, one suspect has been arrested and is assisting with their inquiry. A motive has not yet been established for the murders, however, police believe it was a home invasion that went wrong.

Police reports on Monday indicated that around 10.40 am Central Division police visited the couple’s home on Monday after a man was found driving Mackhan’s Hyundai Tuscon SUV vehicle.

After calls at the gate went unanswered, the officers entered the property and upon checking, found the bodies in an advanced state of decomposition.

Also at the FSC was Mackhan’s nephew, Aaron Manchavali, who said his aunt and uncle were elderly people with ailments. He could not believe that someone would target them.

“My uncle had a stroke so he walks with a limp so I don’t know why somebody would take advantage of them in that way,” he said.