Jerrom Lambert examines the damage to the living room of his relative, Cloretha Robin's home, after a fire at Mahaica, Point Fortin, on Saturday.

Quick response by a neighbour possibly saved the lives of a 60-year-old woman, her daughter and niece after a fire broke out at their home. It was around 5 am when Cloretta Robin woke up and smelt smoke at her Modeste Street, Mahaica Village, Point Fortin home. Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Jr who spoke to the family said Robin heard something popping and then realised that the house was on fire. But, in the confusion, she could not find the key for the burglar proofed gate and called for help. “When she woke up I guess she would have panicked because you know when you wake up to fire even though she would have had the key very close at that point in time, your first thought is self-preservation. She would have called out to a neighbour who would have come with a hammer and she pound the lock and she came out.” Responding quickly to the call, firefighters of the Point Fortin Fire Station were able to extinguish the flames before they could destroy the entire apartment and building which houses other apartments. The family did not receive any burns but Robin was not feeling well and both she and her daughter sought treatment at the hospital.

Landlord Ray Mitchell said he has arranged for Robin and her family to stay in another apartment while he undertakes repairs and installs fire alarms in the building. He said that he recently rewired the building which houses three apartments.

While it is a tragedy, he was relieved that no one died or was seriously injured. Mitchell praised the firefighters and neighbour for their quick response. He also thanked the MP and everyone else who came to the family’s aid. Richards said his office had a food drive on Saturday so they were able to provide the family with lunches. However, Richards said he has already reached out to Social Development Minister Donna Cox and the family was also visited by the mayor and the councillor. Investigations are continuing intot he fire.