Zepheniah Harripaul

Police still have no leads on the location of Tucker Energy Services shift supervisor Zephaniah Harripaul, some six days after he was abducted.

Harripaul’s family say they are praying for his safe return.

In a Facebook live broadcast on Sunday, his brother Stephen disclosed that he and his family had started seven days of prayer and fasting which commenced on Sunday.

“For those who have been supporting us, you have really been a strength to our family in this turbulent period. All these folks have been supporting us and because of your support we are stronger and because of your support, we have gained a lot of courage to go forward with this so I thank you. I appreciate each one of your concerns in this situation,” Stephen said.

He further disclosed that they are taking the situation with a biblical approach and quoted Psalm 127, which states, “Except the Lord builds a house they labour in vain that build it and except the Lord keeps the city the watchmen watcheth in vain.”

“The scripture is clear that success ultimately depends on God’s intervention in any situation so we can do all we can but except God gets involved, all that we doing are in vain,” Stephen explained.

“As a family, we declare that we are trusting in Jesus to bring Zephon home and God has given us supernatural peace,” he added.

He also urged viewers not to be hateful and revengeful towards his brother’s abductors.

“It is easy for us to be hateful, to be angry and to want revenge but the Bible does not teach that. It teaches us to not be overcome with evil but to overcome evil with good and as a nation, we have faced a lot of evil and if we respond with evil it will make the nation a worse place.”

Among those lending support to the Harripauls was pastor Susan Ramkissoon, who told the Guardian Media that her heart went out when she heard of the incident.

“I saw that pastor Arnold Gajramsingh, who shared the story on his page and I saw it and was moved by it and began lifting the young man and his family in prayer,” Ramkissoon said.

“Lord, we apply the blood of Jesus over Zephaniah Harripaul. Lord, protect him from all harm. We declare that he will be set free in Jesus’ name. Lord, send your warring angels around him and cause a great fear to come upon the kidnappers so that they will release him now in Jesus’ name,” she added as she prayed for Harripaul.

Meanwhile, the Hunters and Rescue Team has joined in the search for Harripaul.

Harripaul, 33, of Arima, was believed to have been abducted at 2 am last Thursday morning at the company’s facility off Western Main Road when a strange car entered the compound.

Police said they were told as Harripaul exited the main building, some men grabbed him and bundled him into their vehicle, which then sped out of the compound.

The company’s security contacted the Carenage Police Station, which then handed over the investigations to the Anti-Kidnapping Squad.

Asked if his brother was ever threatened, Stephen replied: “He did tell us of one incident which occurred about a week or few days ago, when someone tried to bumper him off the road close to his workplace. Nothing after that or before.”

Police are asking anyone who may have any information to contact them at 555, 999 or 800-TIPS.