Deputy Mayor of Chaguanas, Marisa Ramlogan. (Image courtesy Deputy Mayor Marisa Ramlogan)

Deputy Mayor of Chaguanas, Marisa Ramlogan, is urging Government to move quickly to implement legislation that would allow women to carry pepper spray.

The deputy mayor told Guardian Media she is being bombarded with calls from women who are becoming more concerned about their safety.

“The murder of Ashanti Riley,” she points out, “and now the disappearance of Andea Bharatt.  That is in itself an urgent call to the Government to fast-track legislation that would allow some measure of protection to vulnerable women.”

She adds: “Women, especially, have to go to work.  We have reached the point where when we step out of our homes, we are not certain to make it back alive.”

The deputy mayor said while the Commissioner of Police has indicated that women can apply for a firearms license, there are more cons than pros to carrying around a firearm.

“To get a gun license is a tedious process and when you attain one, it may put you in danger as well,” she notes.  “Guns are not safe to have around the house.  We must consider whether a child could get his hands on the weapon, as well as the possibility that a criminal could target a woman for her firearm.”

Marisa Ramlogan is suggesting that Government examine legislation that would allow for the use of tasers by members of the public, with the proviso they must have training and certification.

Ramlogan said the UNC’s women’s arm would be staging a candlelight vigil for Andrea Bharatt and all other missing women, today, Wednesday 3rd February 2021, at 6pm, in the vicinity of the Arima Bus Terminal.