Alvin Simms, truck driver, has been identified as one of the victims in the double murder in Moruga, at about 11:35 pm on Tuesday 14 April 2021.

A father and son have been identified as the victims in a double murder which took place along the Penal Rock Road, Moruga, just before midnight on Tuesday.

And police believe their shooting may be linked to another incident in which the home of a former policeman was shot up.

The deceased have been identified as 41-year-old truck driver, Alvin Simms, and his son, 19-year-old Hakim Simms, a construction worker.

Guardian Media understands that the assailants who shot up the policeman’s home fled the scene, and during their escape attempt, came upon the father and son on Penal Rock Road.

Reports are that Hakim’s vehicle had shutdown on Penal Rock Road and he had called his father, Alvin, for help.  Alvin, who had turned up with his truck, was in the process of assisting Hakim when the fleeing gunmen happened upon them, at about 11:35 pm.

Police suspect that the gunmen had a confrontation with the father and son and shot them, before making their escape.

The victims were discovered shortly before midnight by a man passing along the road near a chicken farm.  The man saw a truck and a car in the road, and one body lying on the ground.

The witness called the police and when they arrived, they found another body in the drain. Several spent shells were found on the scene.

Officers of the Moruga Police Station and Homicide Bureau of Investigations visited the scene and investigations are ongoing.