Houses under water in Greenvale Park, La Horquetta, on October 22, 2018.

It was an unprecedented disaster.

On October 22, 2018, residents of Greenvale experienced flooding the likes of which this country had hardly ever seen before causing some who left, to never return to their homes.

Two years later, Guardian Media visited the area to see how residents were coping.

We found Joanna Mc Donald, who lost everything she worked so hard for, and while her possessions have since been restored, the trauma of that fateful day still haunts her every time it rains.

“So there is always some anxiety going on within you personally and you always looking out to see if the rain is going to stop, how high the water would reach, you know that is a feeling you cannot get over just like that,” she said.

Another resident, Nicole Kong explained that she replaced most of her furniture and household appliances but lamented some things are still outstanding, for example, her cupboards.

In addition to that, she said some repair works are still undone.

“They left a big hole in my kids bathroom, drainage; they burst it and left that, my gallery the floor is not level, pipes broke the early part of this year, showers were broken from since last year. The work was not up to standard and I am still waiting on a change of my kitchen window which was rusted after the flood,” she explained.

West of Greenvale, the Oropune community experienced a similar fate with the heavy downpours.

Annelisa Sobers said she saw the water coming into her home but was helpless. She said a play park opposite the building in which she lives was unrecognisable under the water.

Now she and her neighbours are left paranoid.

“From then to now every time the rain falls we get a bit scared, we start monitoring the road to see if the water is coming high, if it is going down, we does be kind of uneasy.”

However, she said in terms of her possessions, grants from the government ensured she got back on her feet.

In providing an update, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) said the berm surrounding Greenvale has been raised a further 3 feet, ponds were cleaned and dredged, box drains are cleaned monthly. It added that the Caroni River was dredged up to St Helena, an alternate exit road was constructed and a pump capable of displacing 7,300 gallons of water per minute was installed.

In Oropune Gardens the HDC says the Arouca River was dredged and cleaned, the retention pond was cleaned, box drains are cleaned monthly and a pump, same as the one in Greenvale, was installed.

“The HDC will continue to work with all our communities, particularly the most vulnerable, to ensure that our mitigation measures protect life and property,” a statement from the HDC said.

The residents hope that these measures could combat the force of nature if it ever comes knocking on their doors again.