FLASHBACK - Bagatelle residents look for missing Anisa Lewis around the Diego Martin River near Westmoorings on Saturday.

A body believed to be that of missing Anisa “Smally” Lewis was spotted floating out in the Gulf of Paria by the T&T Coast near the yacht club in Carenage, this morning.

Guardian Media understands the identity of the deceased is yet to be confirmed by the authorities.

Speaking with the Guardian Media this morning, captain of the hunters’ group ‘Hard Grounds Get Soft’, Vallance Rambharat, said he, Ren Gopeesingh, along with others in the Hunters Search and Rescue Team, joined in the search party early this morning.

Rambharat said at about 7 am the group went to the West End Police Station where they met with a team of police officers, led by ag. Inspector Ronnie Rampallard, and including the TTPS’ Air Support Unit, and proceeded to the Diego Martin area.

Rambharat said while searching the area there they received an update.

“We got a call while up there that someone may have spotted what is believed to be the woman’s body, so we immediately left the area and went to the Chaguaramas area, but we are currently still looking. We believe the Coast Guard got involved and we are trying to make contact with then right now to confirm,” he told Guardian Media.

There are fears that it could be Lewis, who reportedly was swept away by water on Friday afternoon while trying to exit a spring in the hills of Bagatelle in Diego Martin.

The hunters group also has asked anyone with information that can aid in the recovery effort to contact 329-7170 or 7991453.